The Araribá Shop

Praia de Alter do Chão-PA

Alter do Chão beach- Brazil

Loja: Paredes de Barro e Garrafas

The shop: walls made by clay and bottles

Semente da Árvore de Araribá

Araribá's seed

In the Amazon at Alter do Chão the Araribá Indigenous Culture represents the most complete collection of authentic indigenous art of the Amazon.


A 11 years old shop, Araribá has pieces from more than 80 brazilian tribes and is considered the most complete shop of indigenous art of the Amazon, according to the international travel guide Lonely Planet.

Since 1999, Araribá has been working to encourage the Indian art-craft production, believing that this is the main source of development and sustainability of many Brazilian tribes.


Designers, architects and decorators make visits to Araribá due to the eccentricity and richness of the pieces in the collection corporations, students, groups of researchers, schools, collectors, anthropologists and tourists from all over of the world that are interested to learn about the tribes through the material of the Indian culture.


Further, Araribá Indigenous Culture hosts a diversified exhibition of personal objects and accessories, as axes, blowguns, bows and arrows sets.

In addition it has many ornamental pieces such as necklaces, clamps, combs, bags, hammocks and masks. Besides ritual costumes there is an extensive collection of musical instruments, CDs and books.


Because of the Brazilian legislation, Araribá doesn’t do business with materials from animal’s source.

This website is just a little sample of all of it. Welcome...

Araribá in the press:


"Shop in Pará has art-crafts from over 80 different indigenous people. Owner travels five months a year by Amazon.
'Collection enchants anthropologists and art lovers, "he says."

Globo Amazônia - 02/04/10



"Who is going to Alter do Chão, Pará, knows: a visit to the Araribá shop is mandatory. Quite close to the village square, is one of the main indigenous art store of the country."

Magazine Glamurama
Joyce Pascowitch
Edição Junho de 2010



"Arguably the best indigenous art store in the Amazon, with items ranging from inexpensive necklaces to museum-quality masks and ceremonial figures."
Lonely Planet Guide



"Araribá Arte e Artes has the best selection of authentic native artisanal items in town."

Guia Fodors